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This document describes how to upsell to your webcam white label site by providing billing information for your user.

The billing information should be provided as an encrypted JSON object as will be described in this document

This JSON data collection is specific and different for each billing service.

Currently Paycom and CCBill payment services are supported.

This encrypted object may be added to any link or promo tool you are currently using to send traffic to your white label, it should be added to the URL as the "bs" parameter.

Parameters Encryption & Encoding

The billing information provided on the link should be encrypted and encoded by performing the following steps:

  • Encryption method: AES
  • Cipher: CBC
  • Padding Mode: Zeros
  • Vector: 146, 64, 191, 111, 23, 3, 113, 119, 231, 121, 252, 112, 79, 32, 114, 156
  • Key: Provided key (the key is a private key provided to you)
  • Encoding: UTF8
  • Parameter Construction:
    • Construct the required JSON data object for the specific payment service.
    • Encrypt the JSON object.
    • Convert the encrypted string to Base64 string.
    • URL encode the result string.

Like this:


CCBill billing information

Paycom billing information